Re: Mirror image (fwd)

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 11/03/95

So much discussion on this topic, as others, I'd thought I'd throw my
bit in as well.

Why not just have..

two mob flags

and so.. when a player casts the spell 'x' mobs are loaded, 
the long description of the player are copied to these mobs,
the keyword is set to the player's name
the short desc's are set appropriately.
the damrolls etc are altered (you dont really want images with the same
      damrolls etc of the pc do you?)

this way, everyone looks the same, and so opponents would have to guess
which 'joe' is hte pc joe, or just hack them all up :)

add the mob flags no_corpse and clone to each of the mobs, and give them
replica equipment..  
if we're going to give eq we gotta make sure ppl cant just effectively
dupe eq, (ie. clone themself and order to give eq..)  
so.. two solutionn pop to mind..  create an item-flag ITEM_CLONE, and if
someone tries to get a cloned it they get a "You're hand goes right through
the blah, you can't pick it up!", or "Whoever gives you a blah but it
slips right through your fingers and fades away" (only let clones wear
thier own cloned eq, not even other cloned eq)   #2  well. forgot the second
solution :)

then, if a clone is killed.. since its set to no_corpse it doesnt leave a
corpse, and since its a clone you see the message (i like this idea by
whoever it was.. "Blah laughs hysterically as he/she fades out of existance"

no need to add stuff to pfiles or use any extra memory space.

I've probably missed some stuff i meant to put in, but you get the idea...
Hope it helps anyway, or at leatst throws some more ideas/problems in the
works ;)

- Greg     


'I wonder how many people out theere just code the first solution to idea
they think of instead of working out the BEST way'  
							- me.

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