Re: Mirror image (fwd)

From: Mayfield Chuck SrA UCSS/SOS (
Date: 11/06/95

On Saturday, November 04, 1995 3:27AM

>Well you have some good ideas here and I decided to use them *grin*.
>Anyway I used a MOB_IMAGE flag, if MOB_IMAGE don't make a corpse just
>extract the mob.  Instead of loading mobs with duplicate eq,
>which could possibly cause some problems, I made a change in the look
>function.  When I load the image mob I make it a follower of the
>caster to make checks easier, and the mob saves the IDNUM of the caster.
>When a player looks at a mirror imaged mob the look function actually
>checks the IDNUM of the caster and displays the caster in look.  This
>helps if the caster changes weapons or anything, and no need to dup eq.
>The only thing I have left is to add some things in the hit function,
>so that the attacking mob stumbles when attacking an image on occassion.
>Also to set it up if a mob attacks an image he has a random chance to
>hit the real target and vice versa, based on the number of imaged mobs of
>PS   Thanks for all the comments/suggestions on the subject.  If you guys
>     didn't bring it up I would not have even coded it *grin*.

Now that you coded it could you share it with the world I have been trying 
to do the same thing since the idea started but I could seem to get it to 


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