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Date: 11/06/95

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> ->I was playing with the idea of makeing my self a house. I was just wondering 
> ->if there were any known bugs in the house code for circle 3.00 bpl8 or if 
> ->that part of the code has even been completed yet. I played with it for 
> ->an hour and a half, and it seened to work ok. 
> I messed around with a while ago.  The house code in general seems to 
> work.  But if you want the player to show back up in their house when they
> reenter a game after quiting.  You will have to do some modifications to
> the save_char function in db.c (I believe).  You will also have to do some
> modifications to the nanny function in interpreter.c.
> Dave Carver

Why not just set their loadroom?  Would be much simpiler (:
      Terrock - The Wanderer

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