Re: Using lex and yacc for parsing (fwd)

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 11/07/95

Mark Coletti writes:
> 	Just in case there are those who have a ironic sense of humor
> failure and don't take this with the appropriately large grain of
> salt: lex and yacc come lock, stock, and barrel with all unix systems.
> <smirk>

Unfortunately there is no ANSI standard for lex and yacc, which means
that either someone (Jeremy) would have to deal with the headache of
trying to maintain compatability between various lex and yacc flavors,
or particular flavors of lex and yacc (most likely from GNU) would be
specified, and those *would* have to be installed by anyone that wanted
to compile the code.

So <smirk> yourself.  :-}

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