Re: Adding 31+ affect flags. (fwd)

From: B.H. Chan (
Date: 11/08/95

> From: Pink Floyd <>
> Subject: Re: Adding 31+ affect flags.
>>    2) If available the CODE for this.. i.e. structs.h, utils.h (macros), and
>>       whatever else is needed...
> See above.
> The downside of this is that you have to either a) pfile wipe, or b) write a
> program to convert the old pfile to the new pfile, but since you couldn't 
> figure out how to add an extra integer to a data structure, this might be 
> difficult... ;-) 
If you need the code, ftp /pub/billy/LostLands1.00 and grab
the LostLands.tgz and 0.obj (needed to make weapon damage messages)

If you want to do this on an existing mud with out a pfile wipe, then you
should probably do what they did with obj-rent, alias-saving, and what I
do with quest bits: make a new file.  Yes, this will take up x more inodes
and handling more files is slow, but it saves having to 1) pfile wipe 
2) make a small program to translate old pfile to new pfile and 3) future
additions could be easily added without another pfile wipe.  Since each
char has his/her/its own file, you don't have to screw around the whole
pfile database when you add more stuff to some struct.

Or, if you want to be crafty, use the extra slots in the save structure.
-Billy (lost his .sig when provider crashed the hd his account is on)

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