LostLands bugs (sorry folks)

From: B.H. Chan (bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu)
Date: 11/08/95

This only pertains to those adventurous implementors who have decided
to play around with LostLands1.00 (alpha, or whatever would have come
before alpha)

If the code is crashing on ya during combat, you do not have items 39
to 55 (vnum).  I chose those items because not too many people put stuff
in zone 0 (limbo)... and in my mud, I've relegated everything in zone 0
for administrative slush.  So, items 39 to 55 serve as pseudo-weapons
to be printed during combat, so instead of "You #w $N", I have "You #w
$N with $p."  The $p referrences the weapon being used to #w the poor
$N.  However, as you know, most mobs and all Monk classes in LL do not
use any weapons.  That's where items 39 to 55 steps in...  if you're not
wielded, it looks for an item in that range (depending on BareHandAttack)
and uses that for the $p....  If you want to see it in effect, just hop
over to the alpha-testing site for LL (where I code and crash the mud..
more crash than code)

Again, sorry for the mistake, thanks for the interest.

I'm hoping to finish off zedit (losely based on Levork's redit/iedit)
sometime this week, and will add that to my ftp site.  I'll keep y'all

remember the disclaimer: Use at your own risk :)

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