Re: Ode to Irony -or- C Tool Issues

From: Edward Almasy (
Date: 11/08/95

Mark Coletti writes:
> Edward Almasy pounded furiously on the keyboard:
> > Sammy writes:
> > > From my experience with big code in foreign languages, it seems to be 
> > > less confusing if you have no knowledge of C when you start workin on a 
> > > mud.  Those of you who, like me, don't know the difference between a 
> > > preparser and a profiler should pity poor Mark, who knows too much about 
> > > programming for his own good.  I can now see that my ignorance is bliss.  
> >
> > I hope that anyone here who shares this attitude will refrain from
> > posting questions about problems with their code.  
> 	Sammy was having a little fun.  Clark Net has been having
> mailer problems of late; it seems that some outbound e-mail has had
> the sarcasm bit dropped!

Sammy may have been kidding (or not), but based on a couple of the responses
I've received to posts there are other people here who clearly have the above
attitude.  I'm still reeling from having been flamed for suggesting that
someone consult K&R to learn the finer points of C programming, and then
seeing the guy who flamed me post a message three days later, asking for help
with a bug in some (obviously poorly-written) code that he had added.

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