Re: Beta Versions

From: Corwin (
Date: 11/14/95

>    I just spent some time rereading the messages and warnings about the Circle
>    Beta Code.  It warns not to run any public site with this beta code.  Was
>    this originally intended for the earlier verison?  I have pl 8 now and it
>    appears to be relatively stable.  Then again I have only had it running
>    on a perm site from a week or two.  Is anybody else running a semi public
>    mud with the 3.0 beta?
> Tons of people are.  With the glaring exception of anyone being able to force
> the system to log anyone else off (by trying to log on as that person with an
> incorrect password), there aren't really any major bugs that I know of.

Wasn't one of the reasons for not running a site that there may be some 
structure changes which cause compatibility problems?  I could be wrong
since I just joined this list, but that was my understanding from what I
read so far.


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