Deleting IMM chars, How?

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/15/95


The other day I accidentally 'advanced' my wifes normal playing character 
to level 34. Neither I nor her can 'advance' her back to level 1. So we 
said "No biggie, just delete the char at the menu and restart it"

Well when you pick #5 from the menu, then type: 'yes' on a mortal 
character, everything works fine and the character name is freed up for a 
new character.

However when doing this on an IMM character, the next time someone tries 
to use that name, the MUD still recognizes the name and asks for a 
password instead of asking "Did I get that right?"

I take it IMMs are being saved someplace besides the normal plrobj files.

What all needs to be done to completely delete an IMM?


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