Access Limiting. (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/15/95

> From: (Richard Adam (SEG 94))
> Subject: Access Limiting.
> Hi all.
>  I have rather unfortunately been put in the situation of having to run my
>  MUD only after the hour of 5pm. Which means that I have to add some sort
>  of code to the logon area which would enable me to do this..  
>  suggestions?  

You might want to investigate into crons.  I'm not a cron expert myself, nor
do I think RTFM is too clear, but I'm sure your sysadm would be able to help
you... unless you're avoiding that sysadm who goes home at 5... ;)

As for logon area... I take it you want the mud to be up and running, but
not accept logins until 5pm.  Seems to me you need to #include time.h and
investigate into that... the nanny function might be the place to look...
ie.  add a statement like: if <thie time is not right>, print silly comeback
at 5PM message; return;

Good luck...
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