Re: Access Limiting.

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/15/95

>   I have rather unfortunately been put in the situation of having to run my MUD only after the hour of 5pm. Which means that I have to add some sort of code to the logon area which would enable me to do this..

   Er.. Any suggestions?

Do you mean that the mud must be shutdown between some hour (say, 8am) and
5pm?  Or only that no one may log in between those hours (except maybe an

In either case,one way to do it would be to just make a function, say,
check_restriction(), and call it about every 15 minutes or whatever 
(depends how strict your rule is).  If the time is after 8am then have it
set wizlock to 34 (or if it must be taken down, have it call the shutdown
procedure).  Then if it was only wizlocked, have it wizlock 0 at 5pm, or
if it was shut down, have the script sleep for about 9 hours and then start
the mud up again.

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