Re: Adding more levels

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 11/15/95

> I just tried adding more levels by adding to the title_type list in class.c
> then upping the defines for LVL_GOD etc in structs.h

there is more to it than that.. you have to increase the size of the thaco
arrays, the backstab modifiers,  as well as a number of other similar arrays
(mostly in class.c and constants.c)

> The result?? More levels, but now my Head God char cant get upped to 
> level 44, the new top level. Of course I set the defines in structs.h 
> back down to 31-34 so hed be a god again, but it seems you cant advance 
> yourself to higher levels, either with advance OR with 
> set myname level 44
> You can set yourself back just fine, but cant set yourself or any other 
> god to a level higher then yourself.

> So when extending the number of levels in the game, how in the heck are 
> you supposed to advance yourself to the new highest level ? <G>

	1/ delete the player file..   (i always hate this option)
	2/ temporarily remove the restrictions from set level :)
	   recompile, run, set your level,
	   remove restrictions and recompile, run  :)

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