Re: Adding More Levels

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/15/95

   The result?? More levels, but now my Head God char cant get upped to 
   level 44, the new top level. Of course I set the defines in structs.h 
   back down to 31-34 so hed be a god again, but it seems you cant advance 
   yourself to higher levels, either with advance OR with 
   set myname level 44

   So when extending the number of levels in the game, how in the heck are 
   you supposed to advance yourself to the new highest level ? <G>

Well, changes like this are best dealt with by deleting the player file and
starting over (such changes should be made before you actually open the mud
to the public).  I've deleted my player file 50 times... of course, I'm the
only person who uses it right now, so it doesn't matter.
Just remove etc/players and the first character to login after that will 
automatically be made LVL_IMPL.  The reason you can't
set myname level 44
if LVL_IMPL is defined to be 34 is that it checks to make sure that the new
level is not greater than LVL_IMPL.  
If you can't have a pfile wipe, then you'll have to hardcode it in.
For example, pick a random command, say, do_move in act.movement.c, and
at the top put
if (GET_LEVEL(ch) == 34)
Then recompile, run the mud, type "north", and you'll be switched to LVL_IMPL.
Then take that line out and recompile it.  Thats just a quick and dirty way
to change your level if you don't wanna pwipe.

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