Adding More Levels

From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/15/95

I just tried adding more levels by adding to the title_type list in class.c
then upping the defines for LVL_GOD etc in structs.h

The result?? More levels, but now my Head God char cant get upped to 
level 44, the new top level. Of course I set the defines in structs.h 
back down to 31-34 so hed be a god again, but it seems you cant advance 
yourself to higher levels, either with advance OR with 
set myname level 44

You can set yourself back just fine, but cant set yourself or any other 
god to a level higher then yourself.

So when extending the number of levels in the game, how in the heck are 
you supposed to advance yourself to the new highest level ? <G>

		Ron Hensley

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