Re: C coding questions and Flames...

From: C.J. (
Date: 11/16/95

> before you start asking questions on how to do your first coding project
> please ftp to
> cd /pub/CircleMud/list
> mget *.gz
>  (you had better know where to go from here)
> these are the archives of this list for the past two years.  Most questions
> like How to I add skills? How to I give newbies eq?  How do I add levels?
> and a bunch of others have already been answered 3 times.

Yeah for a summary, to add skills do a 
grep -in "bash" *.[ch]  This will show you how bash is done, thus letting
you do other skills
grep -in "missile" *.[ch] this will show you how to do spells.
Levels are a tad harder since alot of it has to do with constants.c


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