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From: Stefan Joe Yen (
Date: 11/16/95

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Lincoln H Chan wrote (something like):

>	This newsgroup is pooping a lotta mail into my machine...more than I'd 
> like to read. Lots of this poop mail is just about basic programming.  
> Stuff about C and mudding/godhood you should already know if you plan on 
> running a mud.  I really don't wanna see anymore of it.  I know newbie 
> chat/advising is part of what this group is about...but stuff like: "How 
> come set password doesn't work?" and "How do you delete an immortal?" 
> can annoy those of us who have worked well beyond that.
> So:  What am I suggesting?!?  Heh, I'm just here to be flamebait... right?
> Nah, how about:  Splitting the group into circle.elite and circle.beginner?
> Shit...:  That's a stupid idea.  I should just sit down and shut up before

	This is not such a stupid idea at all. I've been facing the same 
dilemma for a long time. Separating the wheat from the chaff is just 
becoming too annoying and I was just going to remove myself because it's 
simply less trouble to figure out whatever I want to do all by myself. 
This is why I hardly ever post here at all. In fact the only reason I 
remained on was to get bug reports and see when the new patch-level came out. 
Since pl8 seems really stable I doubt I'll be getting many bug reports 
that are not related to someones attempt to modify the code. I can't 
believe the amount of messages that say something like, "I just added 12 
new levels, 11 new skills, 10 new spells, 9 new races... and a partridge 
in a pear tree. It crashes! Why? Help me."  As far as the new patch-level, 
I'll just check the ftp sites and the Web page periodically.

> You gotta a better idea?
	Not really. I'd offer to run the alternate mailing list if I was 
completely insane and didn't already have more responsibilities than I 
could handle which is why snails are rocketing past my mud coding pace.

	However, If you want to mail me informally and discuss advanced 
topics related to mud or other coding, feel free. I've been coding muds 
for almost 4 years and programming in general for a lot longer than that.

> PS: So umm, Jeremy, when are you going to start on the graphical version
>     of CircleMUD?  =D

	Yah Jeremy, this would be cool. Let me know if you seriously consider
  doing this. I'd definitely want to input. Back in 1992 in the old 
  JediMUD (Is that a bad word still? I stayed far away from the aftermath 
  of that) days, I kicked around the idea of a graphical client and
  started to develop x-windows tools a-la bsxmud. I could dig in the old 
  archives and look at those again.

	Anyway I've got to get back to work. Monte-carlo calculations of 
d-dimensional hypersphere volumes on concurrent processors are calling my 
name. Take care all. Thanks Lincoln, your message got me thinking hard 
about where my time was being spent. I'm going to look up how to 
unsubscribe to this list.

								- Stefan

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