From: Lincoln H Chan (
Date: 11/16/95

Problem:  This newsgroup is pooping a lotta mail into my machine...more
	than I'd like to read.

Obvious Solution:  Kick my sorry ass off the mailing list.

However:  This list *does* provide me with bug reports, correspondence from
	Jeremy and other debuggers, and what have you.

Then:  What the hell am I complaining about?  I should shad up...

Yeah, but:  Lots of this poop mail is just about basic programming.  Stuff
	about C and mudding/godhood you should already know if you plan on 
	running a mud.  I really don't wanna see anymore of it.  I know
	newbie chat/advising is part of what this group is about...but
	stuff like: "How come set password doesn't work?" and "How do you
	delete an immortal?" can annoy those of us who have worked well
	beyond that.

So:  What's my point?

Well:  Some of the people on this list would argue that this is a circle
	list...they're here to get these questions answered, so quit
	complaining and shut up.  Others of us think that these questions
	are a waste of bandwith and mailspool space since they can be
	easily answered by just digging through your mud code and
	systematically figuring it out.  If you don't know how to figure
	it out yourself, then maybe you're not ready to implement a mud.

So:  What am I suggesting?!?  Heh, I'm just here to be flamebait... right?

Nah, how about:  Splitting the group into circle.elite and circle.beginner?

Shit...:  That's a stupid idea.  I should just sit down and shut up before
	I hurt myself.

You gotta a better idea?

linc aka Aladdin of Eternity DikuMUD

PS: So umm, Jeremy, when are you going to start on the graphical version
    of CircleMUD?  =D

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