Re: Doh!!!!!

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/16/95

I don't think the traffic on this list is TOO bad, but it does kinda fluctuate.
I think that if a really good CircleMUD FAQ gets written then a lot of the
redundant, newbie-type questions will be eliminated.  If someone does ask a
FAQ question, everyone who gets it can send a private reply (remove circle from
cc: field) and tell them to read the FAQ...  30 of those and they'll think 
twice before posting a stupid question.
Basically, I don't think that the list should be complicated by splitting it
up.  I had thought possibly a circle-implementor and circle-coder list would
be good, but all the implementor questions should be answered in the circle
docs and/or FAQ, if they'll just read the damn things.  
Once the FAQ is written I predict a more productive (and probably less traffic)

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