Re: Doh!!!!!

From: Matt Harold (
Date: 11/17/95

first of all, your last comment about a graphical mud takes away from the 
whole concept of the game IMHO.  If ya want a graphical game, go buy one 
like AD&D or Origin from the store.  Second, as one of those newbie IMPs 
who doesn't know a whole lot of C, I value this mailing list as is.  I 
rarely post questions to this thing because I do enjoy picking my way 
through the code, but I have gotten a lot of my problems resolved because 
of what other people have asked and received answers to.  I believe that 
the reason this mailing list exists is so questions can be posted about 
CircleMUD.  I don't recall seeing anything about this being only for 
those who are grandmasters at coding, and besides I only see a few people 
complaining about having to answer questions over and over again.  If you 
don't wanna do it, then why don't you prepare a FAQ that lists all of 
these questions and their answers.  Then you can give it to Jeremy and 
let him put it into the distribution files of Circle.  This is not a 
flame.  It is just my opinion on the ideas that you put forth in your post.

"You never know what you have until it's gone... then, it's too late to get it back"

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