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From: Ryan Watkins (
Date: 11/16/95

Fan Li writes:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Ryan Watkins wrote:
> > Yea.  Someone with the room in their mail box and the time to read it
> > declares themselves a moderator and makes a moderated, digest version
> > of this list that gets mailed out once a day and with all the crap cut
> > out.  Because all the beginniers will just talk on the elite list
> > anyway, because they think they are cool too.
> 	That's really unfair on the newbies then.  I want to run a mud so 
> that I can learn C.  But even if I were to know C, how am I to know that 
> in order to change the # of levels, I need to change the backstab tables 
> and what nots?

Use the source, Luke.

> 	Trying to tell newbies to shutup is not the answer. 

Then go back and read what I said.  

I suggested that there be an alternate, moderated, digest version of
this list that gets sent out to people that want the important stuff
and not just basic c questions.  I didnt suggest this list get
moderated and people kept from asking questions.

> A few people mentioned writing an faq.  I think that would be a
> fantastic idea, and would really be helpful to beginning imps.
> Would certainly cut down on these "newbie" questions if there was an
> faq....
> -Tai "please... write an faq? :P"

You're not the first person to think of that.

I wrote a Circle FAQ a while back, posted it and used to maintain it.
I nolonger have the time, and someone already has apparently taken it
over but has not produced a new version that I've seen yet.

Its also not stopped any newbie questions.

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