Re: Doh!!!!!

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 11/16/95

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Ryan Watkins wrote:

> > A few people mentioned writing an faq.  I think that would be a
> > fantastic idea, and would really be helpful to beginning imps.
> > Would certainly cut down on these "newbie" questions if there was an
> > faq....
> > 
> > -Tai "please... write an faq? :P"
> You're not the first person to think of that.
> I wrote a Circle FAQ a while back, posted it and used to maintain it.
> I nolonger have the time, and someone already has apparently taken it
> over but has not produced a new version that I've seen yet.
> Its also not stopped any newbie questions.

	Perhaps a reason for this is that they are unaware of its 
existence.  For one, it should be available at the CircleMUD ftp site (I 
don't know if it already is.. if it is, great).  Secondly, advertising 
pays.  If it's possible, it should be written in the welcoming message to 
new list subscribers exactly WHERE they can get the FAQ (as well as 
CircleMUD itself, that seems to be the most common question :), and 
recommend to "newbie imps" that they should consult the FAQ first before 
posting their question on the list.  
	Another problem that I've seen is that often when people ask for 
help figuring out why their MUD is crashing etc., they don't give much in 
the way of information about the problem... sometimes it's just a vague 
description of the circumstances of the crash, without any relevant 
pieces of code.  Some guidelines for posting questions on code might also 
be included in a FAQ, or in the welcoming message (if possible).
	Graham Gilmore

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