FAQR (Frequently Asked Questions' Reply)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (bhchan@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 11/16/95

To add to the mess, why don't we all, right now, agree, from now on,
to IGNORE faq type questions, to not post a reply back to the mailinglist,
and to reply directly and only to the original person?

Now, to the smart ass who thought I was being fictious when I said limit
your F**king .sig to 4 lines... look in the netiquette newsgroup.

On to the Circle coding, I'm looking for a psuedocode that would supply
mob prototyping, in which a builder could use a set of pre-existing mobs
as a prototype and just add a new vnum to point to the prototype.  (maybe
allow a rename and a re-desc... but keeping the other stats) without
duplicating the whole mob's char_data...  
Reason I want to use a prototyping instead of  just getting the builders
to reference the set of pre-existing mobs is because of the darn zone file
structure... if 3 builders wanted 3 fidos each, how do they know what to
put as the max-num...  Anyway, that's my next project... time for a nap.
-Billy H. Chan	陈浩然		    <bhchan@csua.berkeley.edu> 
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