Re: Splitting up circle list

From: Fan Li TAI (
Date: 11/17/95

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Chris Herringshaw wrote:

> Heck, I'll flame.  Ryan has such a good point, it makes me chuckle.

	He does have a point, but it would be nice to have an alternative 
for newbies.

> This list is, for the most part, a C programming list.  One kid just
> said he wanted to run a MUD to learn C.  Other people don't want to 

	Well, it was to run a mud to learn C or to learn C to run a mud, 
eitherway is ok :)  Seriously though, I've been on the list for the past 
few months, and have you seen much noise from this acct?  I've been 
lurking and learning from the stuff you guys post.  I try not to ask too 
many dumb questions [otoh, putting in my two dumb cents is another matter :)]
	I would think that doing something you enjoy would be a good way 
to learn.  And if you can get a helping hand along the way, wouldn't that 
help the learning just a little faster?

> bother looking at the code, they just want someone to give them a
> plug and play routine.  Other people complain because their MUD crashes,

	Sometimes, just looking at the code is not much of a help if 
you're not already familiar with the code.  It is for this that I would 
like an FAQ.  If we wanted plug and play routines, we can just go grab 
some other muds and use that... really... :)

> Yea, yea, yea, I was once a newbie, too.  I started from the bottom
> with a C book, and the man pages, and piles upon piles of code.  I

	You forgot one more thing... lots of free time :)

> newbie programming questions are going to push the people who know anything 
> and have a lot of experience off the list.  I'm quitting the list tonight,

	I'm sorry to see you go 8-(  A lot of the stuff you posted have 
been helpful to me, helpful in understanding and learning more...


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