Re: Splitting up circle list

From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 11/16/95

> Furthermore, the archives for this group are not very organized,
> and unless you feel like going through 10000 posts to find what you
> are looking for, it is pretty much useless.  How bout someone with

What the hell is so hard to sort out?  Download the archive file,
unpack it, and grep for what you want.  Taking the *whole* list archive,
I was able to find the ONLY article about thunderstorms in less than
20 seconds.  It wasn't skill, and it surely wasn't luck.  I did
"man grep" and went from there.  Useless?  Hardly.

> Finally, there are those on this list (very few) who are just here
> to flame or to bait flames.  I know of one in particular who just
> posts flamebait, and has done it in the past on rgmd.  If you want
> to flame, dont cc: it to this list. Send it just to the person's
> mailbox.  If you want to bait flames, take it to rgmd.  


> This post isnt intended as a flame, but rather as constructive criticism.
> We are all guilty of making some of these mistakes ourselves, but if
> we can think before we mail in the future, perhaps we can keep
> everyone happy, and make this (usually) informative list better than it
> already is.

Heck, I'll flame.  Ryan has such a good point, it makes me chuckle.
This list is, for the most part, a C programming list.  One kid just
said he wanted to run a MUD to learn C.  Other people don't want to 
bother looking at the code, they just want someone to give them a
plug and play routine.  Other people complain because their MUD crashes,
and have no idea why.  Other people send me messages calling me a dickless
piece of shit when I tell them to keep their flames off the list.
Yea, yea, yea, I was once a newbie, too.  I started from the bottom
with a C book, and the man pages, and piles upon piles of code.  I
helped build some of the best DIKU MUDs ever.  I didn't whine and ask
someone else to do it for me.  What is going to happen, is the continuous 
newbie programming questions are going to push the people who know anything 
and have a lot of experience off the list.  I'm quitting the list tonight,
because it is a serious waste of time.  If anyone has questions or
wants to continue previous discussions, just email me.

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