Re: Splitting up circle list
Date: 11/16/95

I have a few suggestions short of splitting up the list.
I also have a limited mail spool, and I do enjoy reading the mail
from this group.  A lot of it is helpful.

What isnt helpful is the 1 line "Me Too" replies to posts.
What also isnt helpful is a 10 line .sig file with a 1 line
"Me Too".

I feel that if someone is new to the list, they have a right to
ask questions that have already been discusses on this list. When
someone replies with a RTFM reply, that is a waste of space. If you
are going to take the time to tell them to RFTM, why not help them
out.  Furthermore, the archives for this group are not very organized,
and unless you feel like going through 10000 posts to find what you
are looking for, it is pretty much useless.  How bout someone with
some time volunteers to take the archives and sort them, and perhaps
place them on the web in html format in a coherent format.

Finally, there are those on this list (very few) who are just here
to flame or to bait flames.  I know of one in particular who just
posts flamebait, and has done it in the past on rgmd.  If you want
to flame, dont cc: it to this list. Send it just to the person's
mailbox.  If you want to bait flames, take it to rgmd.  

This post isnt intended as a flame, but rather as constructive criticism.
We are all guilty of making some of these mistakes ourselves, but if
we can think before we mail in the future, perhaps we can keep
everyone happy, and make this (usually) informative list better than it
already is.

My 2 cents worth (WHY the heck does EVERYone say this?)
World Imp, Phoenix Mud 4001

(Who is leaving off his long .sig as a sign of good faith )

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