Re: Posting the FAQ regularly

From: Mark Coletti (
Date: 11/22/95

Graham Gilmore pounded furiously on the keyboard:

> On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, Ryan Watkins wrote:

> > > A few people mentioned writing an faq.  I think that would be a
> > > fantastic idea, and would really be helpful to beginning imps.
> > > Would certainly cut down on these "newbie" questions if there was an
> > > faq....


> > I wrote a Circle FAQ a while back, posted it and used to maintain it.


> > Its also not stopped any newbie questions.

> 	Perhaps a reason for this is that they are unaware of its 
> existence.  For one, it should be available at the CircleMUD ftp site (I 
> don't know if it already is.. if it is, great).  

	Yes, it's at

> Secondly, advertising pays.  If it's possible, it should be written
> in the welcoming message to new list subscribers exactly WHERE they
> can get the FAQ (as well as CircleMUD itself, that seems to be the


	_Great_ idea!

	What some other mailing lists and newsgroups do is to
regularly post the FAQ.  Depending on the mailing list/newsgroup
volume this could be as little as once a month to as often as once a
week.  Howzabout posting the FAQ, say, every two weeks?

> 	Graham Gilmore

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