Re: Ideas for Circle

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/22/95

    I had a few ideas that im going to implement on my mud, and while they may
   not be the best in the world, I thought I would share them with the people
   in this group...

That's thoughtful of you... ;-)

   * mana restoration potions
     Fighters have health potions, Wizards should have mana potions :)
Good idea, you could go for refresh potions too, which would give people 
movement points.

   * totally redesign the sleep idea..
     Normally people can just bunk down anywhere to sleep.. I want to make
   a special room flag or flags so that you can only sleep in the appropriate
   places like inn's, forest's etc... I don't like the concept of people 
   sleeping in street's etc, its too much like real life ;-) I have yet to see
   this implemented anywhere and I thought it might put more realism into
   the game and stop those people grouping tanks, because he would have to
   go back to town to heal heheh

I think this is too artificial of a restriction.  There is no reason why you
would be able to fall asleep in one 'room' but not another.  A more realistic
way to discourage people from sleeping in random places would be to have mobs
fuck with them while they're sleeping (cityguards beating them up - "Get outta
here ya bum!", people trying to steal from them, animals attacking them...)
or you could somehow see if they can fall asleep ("You try to fall asleep here,
but all the people walking around and the gravel road make you too nervous and
uncomfortable.".. this goes along with possibly restricting their ability to 
immediately fall asleep and wake up on command, which is very unrealistic. This
would be a great application of the generic events queue we've been discussing,
have stages to falling asleep:

You lie down and shut your eyes, trying to ignore the activity going on around
(time passes)
You feel yourself begin to doze off.
(time passes...)
(In the room, they see "Ralph begins to snore loudly.")
(time passes...)
You snap to as your keen elven senses alert you that someone has tried to
mess with your belongings!

Just an idea...

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