Re: More Ideas for Circle

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 11/22/95

   Hi all,

   For a while I am thinking about implementing a HyperMud.

Why is it called a HyperMUD?

   That is a Multimedia MUD with standing pictures and sounds
   that get played whenever e.g. a Player opens a door, unlocks
   a door, casts a spell, enters a room or whatsoever.

   The modifications to be done on the circle server are minnimal,
   the hard thing is the MUDShell (client). My first prototype is
   in alpha.

   Just wanted to ask, what you guys out there think about that...

I think its an excellent idea that will have a huge market at some point in
the future.  I also have plans to eventually write one of these, likely from
scratch.  I imagine a game that plays like Doom but with the detail and 
depth of a well-written mud.  Good luck.

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