Ideas for Circle

From: Randy Karshner (
Date: 11/21/95

 I had a few ideas that im going to implement on my mud, and while they may
not be the best in the world, I thought I would share them with the people
in this group...

* mana restoration potions
  Fighters have health potions, Wizards should have mana potions :)
* totally redesign the sleep idea..
  Normally people can just bunk down anywhere to sleep.. I want to make
a special room flag or flags so that you can only sleep in the appropriate
places like inn's, forest's etc... I don't like the concept of people 
sleeping in street's etc, its too much like real life ;-) I have yet to see
this implemented anywhere and I thought it might put more realism into
the game and stop those people grouping tanks, because he would have to
go back to town to heal heheh


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