Re: Ideas for Circle

From: Michael J. Legac (
Date: 11/22/95

On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Randy Karshner wrote:

> * totally redesign the sleep idea..
>   Normally people can just bunk down anywhere to sleep.. I want to make
> a special room flag or flags so that you can only sleep in the appropriate
> places like inn's, forest's etc... I don't like the concept of people 
> sleeping in street's etc, its too much like real life ;-) I have yet to see
> this implemented anywhere and I thought it might put more realism into
> the game and stop those people grouping tanks, because he would have to
> go back to town to heal heheh

	Total redesign? :) I wouldn't call it that hehe... Um, actually, 
I did something similar...but well, there's no reason you can't sleep in 
a city I made more modifications...Players can sleep in 
certain indoor rooms (ie, inns, homes, etc) but anywhere else they must 
'camp' can't camp in certain areas...not enough room, too much 
activity around etc. 
	Furthurmore, camping takes about 1/2 a tick to do, and puts random 
pieces of the group's eq you're not wearing into the camp and sets up a 
campfire :) 
You can then sleep in the camp. Typing camp again (1/2 tick delay) retrieves 
your eq. 
	Most players would prefer to rest when traveling alone, or if in 
a group they would need someone to stay awake and watch over the camp. 
Other players can try to pilfer stuff from the camp but it takes them 1/2 
tick per item they steal from the camp. Kinda cool if you get attacked 
while don't wanna leave your stuff behind :)
	Just some suggestions... I still need to make mobs steal from 
camps and fix some group camp bugs... 


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