I have no cores no matter what i do...

From: Nuno Ricardo Sequeira Cardoso - Aluno Eng.Informatica (nsc@students.fct.unl.pt)
Date: 11/22/95

	I already tried everything, before trying to come here and annoy you
guys with this, but here it goes.
	I have my mud running in the background with autorun, and of course,
when i logout of my terminal both autorun and the mud loose their tty (it
becomes a '?' ).  The first time the mud crashed, a long time ago, it didn't
core dumped.  Examining the problem i realize that the limit to corefiles
had to be set on the autorun shell, with ulimit, so that the mud would in
fact coredump, right?  Wrong!  It does in fact work, while they have a tty,
but after...  Taking the problem by the horns i added something like this to
the main() code:

 struct rlimit rlim = {1024*2048,RLIM_INFINITY};

 if (setrlimit(RLIMIT_CORE, &rlim)<0) log("SYSERR: No corefile will be
dumped in case of a crash");

	This would make the corefile size of the mud process, independed of
the shell that runs it ( by this time i didn't suspected the tty's ). It
should work, right? Wrong!  Again it works fine if i keep a tty associated
to it (even if in background).
	By this time i did in fact started to suspect the problem was in the
fact i had no tty associated with the mud, but this is just a suspicion, i
am not sure, maybe someone can help me...

Thanks in advance...

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