Re: Has anyone tried to implement polymorph

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 11/17/95

CC: Steve <>

> I am planning a generic polymorph system, to allow for lycanthropy, 
> polymorphing, and other similar things. If anybody has already done this 
> I was wondering what you did about the following:
>   1. Char QUITS or RENTS , do they switch back to their original chars 
>      when they do this. And if so, is save_char already written to save 
>      the correct one or will it save the morphed version. 
>   2. Also i was thinking of using the original/character structures just
>      like in switch, is this wise?
>   3. What about EQ, should i take it away from the other character, and 
>      give it or should i just make a copy and take the orig character and 
>      char_from_room() him.

I was implementing some morphing code for mobiles a while back; the one I 
actually implemented to a permanent form in the game was a werewolf.  It 
would walk around as a Midgaard citizen (level 8), and if it was 
attacked, it turned into a level 15 werewolf until it finished combat.

All I changed in the data structure was the description, the name and the 
alias list.  The next step was to change the level (perhaps experience 
for coder realism) and the stats.  As far as players go, it would all 
depend on the character.  If the character changes due to a full moon, 
renting or quitting would probably reset the lycanthropy to normal.  
Equipment should transfer, however clothes or armour would probably get 
damaged in the process if the character grows in either transformation.

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