Re: On ELF/shared binaries

From: Alastair Neil (
Date: 11/18/95

>> I'm not about to add any fuel to the list split debate.. instead I thought
>> I might bring up a subject worth discussing. I was idly flipping through
>> some Linux ELF documentation about how to create shared libraries. Anyways
>> there was a really interesting passage that leaped out at me:
>> " Other suggestions for dynamic loading have included super-fast MUDs,
>> where extra code could be compiled and linked into the running executable
>> without having to stop and restart the program."
>> Naturally this sounded pretty cool, so I flipped through some ELF
>> programming documentation. And it actually seems possible to do wrt
>> Circle.
>> My question is, has anyone else tried this?
>Well, during discussion with people about other MUDs someone tried to
>convince me that a MUD (Mozart) could effectively install new code, areas or
>whatever, whenever they wanted.  They'd do something called a fold or
>that's what they called it, and although the game would go into acoma for
>a couple of minutes, it would restart with everything as it was when they
>paused it.. ie. objects on the ground where they were, etc etc etc.. and
>it wasn't an actual reboot where people had to reconnect etc.
>Needless to say I was sceptical, but this cool piece of information you've
>turned up may well be the way they do it.. It might pay to speak with the
>dudes at Mozart to check :)   ( 4500  (??))
>Possibly worth looking in to, except for the almost certain portability
>problems.  Obviously if you've got a "permanent" site it may be an idea,
>but is anything ever permanent (oooh, how philosophical).

I doubt it
it is quite easy to store the file descriptor info and reboot the mud
without closing
them - basically doing a warm reboot.  What usually makes this infeasible
is the time
taken to reboot - but if you have a quick machine with a binary database
for the
world info then it is possible - Scarrow was trying to talk  me into adding it
to Archipelago.

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