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From: Jason Shanfield (
Date: 11/18/95

On Sat, 18 Nov 1995, Ben Leibig wrote:

> How to i disable the donate and junk commands.  I dont wanna have a 
> Donation room and i only want things to be removed from game if they are 
> dropped in the dump.  One thing i WOULD like tho is if idams that are 
> lost to overrenting and DTS are popped into the room.  but disabling the 
> donation and junk rooms are most importent.

this is really easy.  if you dont want people to be able to donate or 
junk things, just remove the commands... 
donate and junk rooms are just spec_procs attached to rooms, so you can 
also just detach the proc from the offending rooms.
quick hack to get DT stuff to show up in a donation room...make it so 
that DT's are dumps and change the junk routine in the prog to something 
like the donation room routine. remember, in a junk room, the stuff has 
to be sitting on the ground and is basically just junked...instead of 
removing the stuff from the game, just have it sent to a donation room by 
copying the donation code in there...this aint very coherent...cuz im tired.
but you can also still have multiple donation rooms if need be.

whether or not this is a good idea i dont know.. i mean, people dont DT 
all THAT frequently on Circle MUDS un less there are just a ton of DTs.  
maybe you should just raise the probabilit that something will be junked 
upon be donated- this assumes that you want to disable donate because 
there is just too much stuff lying around.

and for the life of me, i cant imagine why anyone would want to remove 
the junk command (one of the few nice things about DIKUmuds)  I mean, why 
would you want to disallow the ability for players to be trashmen as well...
remmeber, having STACKS of stufflying around of course uses much more 
memory than an otherwise clean zone.  this is exaclty what item-stacking 
is for, but many many DIFFERENT items still use more memory, item 
stacking cant take of this problem.

anyhow...just my $.02 worth.

the above stuff iscompletely hack, meant for inexperienced coders who at 
least know how the game works (like me :) )
though, im sure some stud coder could come up with something a lot 
nicer...hey Tom/Destroyer where are ya.

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