Re: On ELF/shared binaries

From: Greg Alexander Irvine (
Date: 11/18/95

> I'm not about to add any fuel to the list split debate.. instead I thought
> I might bring up a subject worth discussing. I was idly flipping through
> some Linux ELF documentation about how to create shared libraries. Anyways
> there was a really interesting passage that leaped out at me: 
> " Other suggestions for dynamic loading have included super-fast MUDs,
> where extra code could be compiled and linked into the running executable
> without having to stop and restart the program."

> Naturally this sounded pretty cool, so I flipped through some ELF
> programming documentation. And it actually seems possible to do wrt
> Circle. 
> My question is, has anyone else tried this? 

Well, during discussion with people about other MUDs someone tried to
convince me that a MUD (Mozart) could effectively install new code, areas or
whatever, whenever they wanted.  They'd do something called a fold or
that's what they called it, and although the game would go into acoma for
a couple of minutes, it would restart with everything as it was when they
paused it.. ie. objects on the ground where they were, etc etc etc.. and
it wasn't an actual reboot where people had to reconnect etc.
Needless to say I was sceptical, but this cool piece of information you've
turned up may well be the way they do it.. It might pay to speak with the
dudes at Mozart to check :)   ( 4500  (??))

Possibly worth looking in to, except for the almost certain portability
problems.  Obviously if you've got a "permanent" site it may be an idea,
but is anything ever permanent (oooh, how philosophical).


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