Re: On ELF/shared binaries

From: Levork (
Date: 11/18/95

> Well, during discussion with people about other MUDs someone tried to
> convince me that a MUD (Mozart) could effectively install new code, areas or
> whatever, whenever they wanted.  They'd do something called a fold or
> that's what they called it, and although the game would go into acoma for
> a couple of minutes, it would restart with everything as it was when they
> paused it.. ie. objects on the ground where they were, etc etc etc.. and
> it wasn't an actual reboot where people had to reconnect etc.
> Needless to say I was sceptical, but this cool piece of information you've
> turned up may well be the way they do it.. It might pay to speak with the
> dudes at Mozart to check :)   ( 4500  (??))

Hm, I didn't quite have this in mind (a fold?), since a coma would be 
disruptive. From doing some reading it seems possible say if I had a 
do_fight function which does all the fighting, I would on mud boot-up 
use dynamic lib functions to point do_fight at the corresponding symbol 
in the dynamic library. Then if I recompiled the dynamic library 
containing the combat code, and issued some sort of command from the mud 
to close and reload the dynamic library, then presto, do_fight would be 
pointing at the new library and the new code which did um triple attack 
or whatnot. 

I could be wrong though. I better plow through this documentation again, 
since my explanation seems rather pathetic now that I read it. ;)


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