(Reply) On ELF/shared binaries

From: ShadowLord (dkoepke@california.com)
Date: 11/18/95

> Well, during discussion with people about other MUDs someone tried to
> convince me that a MUD (Mozart) could effectively install new code, areas or
> whatever, whenever they wanted.

This is _not_ possible, I hate to say it, without the ELF support (and 
I'm not even sure of the possability, portability, or probability of this 
ELF talk :).

Perhaps you could actually unload the world (rather painstaking to code, 
I would assume, although I never looked into it), create a temporary room 
(ie., Limbo), place all characters there and then reload the world.

Daniel Koepke <dkoepke@california.com>

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