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From: Ron Hensley (
Date: 11/18/95

> How to i disable the donate and junk commands.  I dont wanna have a 
> Donation room and i only want things to be removed from game if they are 
> dropped in the dump.  One thing i WOULD like tho is if idams that are 
> lost to overrenting and DTS are popped into the room.  but disabling the 
> donation and junk rooms are most importent.

Check out interpreter.c
It defines that when donate, junk, and drop get called, ACMD(do_drop) in 
spec_procs.c gets called. Simply take out the lines defining "junk" and 
"donate" in interpreter.c and players will get a Huh? when they try to 
donate or junk.

Ive not done it, so obviously grep and poke about the code for any other 
implications. Be sure to change the room that config.c points to as the 
donation room if you NUKE the donation room.

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