Re: On ELF/shared binaries (fwd)

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 11/19/95

> > Well, during discussion with people about other MUDs someone tried to
> > convince me that a MUD (Mozart) could effectively install new code, areas or
> > whatever, whenever they wanted.  They'd do something called a fold or
> > that's what they called it, and although the game would go into acoma for
> > a couple of minutes, it would restart with everything as it was when they
> > paused it.. ie. objects on the ground where they were, etc etc etc.. and
> > it wasn't an actual reboot where people had to reconnect etc.

Well, I used to play Mozart extensively, in fact, so much that the immorts
and imps were totally pissed off at me and some of my friends for having
kick arse eq.  What can we say?  We love power-trips.  
Anyways, what I wanted to say was that it is true.  That damn mud has
a way of 'folding' which updates all code without needing any reboot
and the only side effect is the slight freeze it experiences.
They have some awesome coders there!  And ninety percent of the things
I have coded in are ideas from that mud - like brewing potions,
scribing scrolls, gate spells, monster summoning spells, and soon to be
added - polymorph spells.

I highly recommend those that need ideas to log on that mud. I severely
doubt they would share any codes though because some of the immorts
there are on power-trips ( i know where we got our power-trips from

Anyways, glad of hearing some new thread for once!


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