Re: Also (fwd)

From: Chi Hoai Tran (
Date: 11/19/95

> > How to i disable the donate and junk commands.  I dont wanna have a 
> > Donation room and i only want things to be removed from game if they are 
> > dropped in the dump.  One thing i WOULD like tho is if idams that are 
> > lost to overrenting and DTS are popped into the room.  but disabling the 
> > donation and junk rooms are most importent.

Hmmm, I did this so long ago I cant direct you to the specific spot,
but I will help you as much as possible.

First, find the place where the code calls up a function when a player
hits a dt.  Then of course, find that function.

In that function, it checks if dts_are_dumps or something like that,
and if so, then it extract_obj(obj).

All you have to do now is change that line extract_obj(obj) to
obj_to_room(obj, whatever_room_you_like).  I have further extended this
use to actually create a container called a vault with the players
name in the alias list.  Then I dumped their eq in the vault and then
dump the vault in a specific room.  When a player then enters the Morgue
and 'buys' back their eq, the vault is transferred from the storage room
to the Morgue, whereupon the player can then open the vault and get
their eq back.

But I hear some people say this defeats the purpose of dts?  Well, I
added a check to see if the cost of rent for that object exceed 7k then
it gets extracted, else it goes in the vault.

Hope that  helps, cause I know the players on Dark Realms love the Morgue.
And the immorts dont have to put up with whinings like, 'Please please
take out dts!!!'


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