Re: Event Driven Server (fwd)

From: John T. Cox (
Date: 11/19/95

> > you have to modify. To give you an idea we have 12342 events pending with
> > 18504 allocated and we only have 230 mortals on (we run as high as 300, but
> > hey it's a slow Saturday). Now keep in mind this isn't a Circle code base
> > but is Diku modfied to hell and back. So, again my question, "Exactly, how
> > far do you want to go with this?"
> > John T. Cox 
> Would you describe the system that you use that supports this many 
> players at once?  
Well, believe it or not a Pentium 90, 48MBs ram, about 3GB of SCSI drives
and a PCI bus network card. We just upgraded some stuff so I'm not sure
about everything, but the network we run off of is wired for UC12, but I
think they're only using bandwidth for 3 T1s. The OS is Linux, it's been
incredibly stable, and since the hardware upgrade we only lag when there's
more than a recompile going on, and we have a huge server (dms is like
3.9 MB). Now to get over 256 connections we had to do a recompile of the
GCC libs and then the kernel (major pain in the ass).  

Someone else asked:

> hmmm.... I have a couple of questions about your event driven server.
> Would you mind replying to the list?

> how do you store your events?
> what type of queue do you use? (hash table esque indexed on time?)
> how do you add your events?
> how do you go about firing them?

> thanx for your time.

Let me check and see how much information I can divulge.

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