Utility Macros

From: Master of Magic (zero@baker.cnw.com)
Date: 11/20/95

	I have (as a big suprise to me) succesfully, at first, look coded 
in multiclassing by changing GET_CLASS and GET_LEVEL into 4 parts each so
i can check for level prime.second, third etc and same withlevel. My 
problem is im not sure how to addin checks to see if soemthing is a thief 
or what level thief they are since the primeness of the thief class 
varies from player to player. The only idea i have to check for IS_THIEF 
would be : 

#define  IS_THIEF    ((GET_CLASS_PRIME(ch) == CLASS_THIEF) && 
(GET_LEVEL_PRIME(ch) >= 1)) || (GET_CLASS_SECOND>..etc

Now first of all im not even sure if this would work and secondly im sure 
there is an easier way. I also im trying to figure out how to find out if 
class X is prime secondary etc and how to find a level value for a 
specific class name and not by its primeness (i.e. GET_LEVEL_THIEF or 
something). And ideas would be greately appreciated.


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