From: Randy Karshner (
Date: 11/21/95

 Is there some MAJOR reason why you can't rent out wih keys? I was just
going to go hack the code some to allow this, but before I did I thought 
it might be wise to ask first because there might be some special reason
for it... Only one i could come up with was that IMPS felt the keys should
not be rentable.. But rather then Hardcoding this in why not make the keys
rent like 9999999999 that should stop even the most noble of players :)
 On the previous thread about the IDENTIFY spell and players stats.. It
appears that the whole IDENTIFY spell in 3.0 is hosed... And while were
on fix's How do you get rid of that annoyance when something flees and
you go to pursue you get that damn "Your still fighting " that's
annoying hehe :)
 I would like to thank Jeremy and the other Coders for the vast amount
of time they have Spent on the entire CircleMUD project..

btw Jeremy I used to play you r mud as Knitemare, which is kinda funny
becasuse I was grep'ing the bugs which comes with circle3.0 and alot of
my old ones were in there...
 Everyone please forgive the spelling.. Im calling u out with Minicom thru
Linux, and it's not very backspace friendly 

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