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From: Eric T. Benoit (
Date: 05/04/95

On Sat, 22 Apr 1995, Naved A Surve wrote:

> In message <>  you said:
> > > There is no reason whatsoever any sysadmin would ever need to know
> > > passwords of his users.  Keeping passwords in plaintext is nothing but
> > > a recipie for disaster.
> > 
> > i disagree, and who said anything about plaintext or storage? they're 
> Please give an example of when a sysadmin would need to know the password of
> a user.

Yesplease do as I am interested in knowing this as well, I happen to 
agree with Jeremy on this one, there is _NO_ reason that I can think of 
off the top of head that a sysadmin would _NEED_ to know his users 
passwords. Sorry Sean, but I think he is right on this one...

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