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Date: 11/21/95

At 03:18 AM 11/21/95 EST, you wrote:
>Greetings everyone,
> I noticed something for the first time while playng as a mortal tonight...
>There is no way to know your stats! I could have sworn the old dikumuds would
>like let you recite identify character to find thier stats... Shouldnt there
>be some way for players to know thier stats, and where they need to improve?
>People might argue that this is Roleplaying and they shouldnt know thier syays
>err stats, but in roleplaying you do know your stats, and if yu... damn
>i hate nonstandard terms :)
> But if you were to be this guy your playing you would know how strong you
>are, how smart you are, etc... If anyone has a fully working Identfy i would
>like to take a look at it :)

What I have done on my mud is limit the level at which a player can see
his/her stats to level 8. This way a player cannot have himself/herself
loaded with perfect levelling gear from the getgo. I simply modified the
do_score code in act.informative.c to check for the players level. If the
player's level is >= 8 then strcat the players stats onto buffer in an
appropriate format for display.
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