Re: Update on iedit/redit
Date: 11/21/95

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995, Levork wrote:

> I'm probably going to regret doing this. :) But to forestall any future
> hostile debate, I've uploaded a fix to iedit/redit as
>, which fixes
> (and so on)
> Levork

Just posting you a note saying Thank you. Unlike some, I had read 
the README file and tested it on a temp system, but had not gotten around 
to fixing it to work on my mud. I really do apreciate your effort and the 
hassle you've had to put up with. Thanks for the update - and a upload of 
yout medit would be nice even if (gasp, you mean we should do some work 
ourselves.) WE had to cut out your muds specific code.

Thanks again,


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