Update on iedit/redit

From: Levork (fongj@helix.net)
Date: 11/20/95

I'm probably going to regret doing this. :) But to forestall any future
hostile debate, I've uploaded a fix to iedit/redit as
ftp.cs.jhu.edu/pub/CircleMUD/incoming/olc_patch.tar.gz, which fixes
problems with zone resets, string corruption of objects, adding
objects/rooms at the very end of the world, and a problem with editing
extra descs. 

Missing from this patch is the stripping of \r's from mob and obj files. 
You DON'T want to see the code I wrote for this. ;-) Also, I hacked up 
this patch rather haphazardly.. it's VERY ugly as regards to variables 
been declared all over the place, since I had to cut and paste from the 
source I'm working on now.  But I'm quite sure it works.

I don't think I can have the time to release medit though, since our mob
format is substantially different and it would take me a while to reformat
it for base circle. Sorry.

Finally: please read the README file if you use it. *beg*



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