Teleport rooms (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/21/95

DOH... Sorry guys... bad aliases tripped me up again... ment to mail
to circle2 (which is what my builders are on) and not circle (which is
aliased to circle@<can't remember... thus the alias>...)
Sorry again... I'm gonna rename my builder's alias to something else

(boy, that was embarrasing... a mistake even newbies don't make)

OBCoding: On Reincarnation, do you think a player should be reincarnated
to level 1, but allowed to keep his/her/its equipment?  It's something
they've worked hard on getting, so it seems fair to allow them to keep
them, yet, wouldn't it make levling much easier if they did keep their
equip?  (No, didn't implement EQ-levels, and not about to... we've all
heard them stories about the young squire picking up a holy/magical 
sword and kicking major butt...;)

Again, sorry for my silly mailing aliases.
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