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From: Billy H. Chan (陈浩然) (
Date: 11/22/95

> From: Ben Leibig <>
> 1: I have  doorman i want him to open the door when someone walks into 
> the room and close it when someone walks out
> I can get him to open it but prog_act doest recognize the leaves east so 
> i cant use that.  The otehr thing i could ahve him do is open the door, 
> wait 10 seconds, and close it.  But there is no mobprog wait command 
> eather.  

A quick hack... have an invisible (some muds provide 'ethereal' mobs that
can't be seen/attacked/etc.. just do mobprogs) on the other side that
closes the door when someone enters... it'll try to close the door even
when it's closed, perhaps, but then, only the mob would get the "but it's
closed' message.

> 2: I wanna use it to map out paths of woundering mobs.  But i cant do 
> that becoiuse of the fact that if i map out a path and have the mob 
> follow it it just ZIPS along at astounding rates.  I REALLY need a wait 
> command in mobprog.  And i am still learning to code.  Any ideas?

Figuring out cool things to do with the handful of commands available takes
some inginuity(sp)... I'm at a loss on this one (haven't mobprog'ed for a
LONG time)... wandering mobs might best be left as spec procs... look at
the SPECIAL(mayor) for a sample of a good wandering mob.
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