ReReRe: More Ideas for Circle

From: Katzlberger Thomas (cat@garfield.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: 11/22/95

Re to all:

> Personally I like the imaginary part of muds, no graphics. That's
> what makes it so interesting and a lot of fun. I hope muds never
> get graphical.

Well, but wouldn't it be nice to send and create maps not in ASCII
format, but as a gif file ? This wouldn't be harder to make than an
ASCII map.

By the way, I don't want to replace the text, which is what makes
a MUD interesting, but just give some new features and make muds
more attractive in the age of WWW. Beware, I never wanted builders
to get artists, but there are nice pictures on the net that can be
linked in.

And imagine the advantage to display SIGNS whenever the player
enters a room, no 'read sign' needed then, just as in real life,
read it by walking along.

> Plus, imagine a sound every time you open a door, enter a room etc.
> Pretty annoying when u've heard it 2000 times. :)

Well, hmmm, I always thought that all computers have got volume-knobs...
but still, don't forget that this is and OPTION, there is no force to
turn the sound on, preferences of the client will let you stop
downloading sounds, and if it gets annoying replace it.
I would just enjoy the option of a gurgling noise if the vertex
of a DT sucks a player into the depths of the ocean,
or the evil laugh of a mob after killing a player.

> Why is it called a HyperMUD?

It uses html (Hypertext markup l.) annotations.

> I think its an excellent idea that will have a huge market
> at some point in
> the future.  I also have plans to eventually write one of
> these, likely from
> scratch.
> I imagine a game that plays like Doom but with the detail and
> depth of a well-written mud.  Good luck.

I didn't want to go that far ... yet

> Just remember that if you use any part of Dikumud/CircleMUD you
> may not make any kind of profit from it whatsoever...

Well if you sell the Client you 'could make profit', noone could
stop you, but you can not charge money for letting people play.
However I don't plan anything like that.


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